Tyrone Tann & Justin Galluccio

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Actors "Tyrone Tann" "Justin Galluccio" about Web-Series "BLOOB" & much more.

Tyrone Tann, Justin Galluccio, his Mom Joann and "BLOOOB" the furry blue one eyed alien join Mother Love in studio to chat about their web series BLOOOB. How they all met and created the series and Justin's love of puppetry. This 17 year old describes his passion for puppets, acting and craeting. Tyrone talks about his career as an actor/producer and is paying his good fortunes forward by backing Justin's and his vision to create good whoelsome programming for families.
About Tyrone
Award-Winning Filmmaker TYRONE TANN has been in involved in the entertainment industry for nearly over 20 years. He has worked professionally as an Actor TYRONE TANN gained recognition as a Filmmaker, by Breaking the Guinness World Records in 1998, producing the feature film BUG NIGHT, which made movie history, by being noted as having the longest film take. It was a movie that was filmed all in one continuous shot, all in one take, without any cuts, stops, or edits for 90 minutes straight. TYRONE TANN considers himself as a "man of faith," who strives to try to utilize any talents or gifts that he feels he is able to be "blessed" with, to be able to give back and or help others
About Justin
Justin has been a actor for four years now and still counting. Justin has worked with a few actors around Hollywood and has been featured in: "Jim Henson's POSSIBILITY SHOP", Nickelodeon's BRAINSURGE, Jimmy Kimmel's HACK-A-SHAG parody, Honda summer print ad, and many other commercials and Hollywood plays. In 2012, Justin Galluccio soon found himself starring in the Short Film "BECAUSE OF SOUND."