Thomas J. Churchill

Thomas J.Churchill, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director joins Mother Love in studio to share his passion for horror and his love of all things Alfred Hitchcock.
Church Hill Productions is the official home of Thomas J. Churchill. Thomas aka "Church" is a multi-award winning writer, producer, actor, director and entrepreneur who founded Church Hill Productions (CHP) in 1997.
Film credits include the upcoming Retro-Film Noir Zombie epic-LAZARUS, the 6-time award winning horror film Emerging Past, Mr. Hush, the upcoming werewolf epic-HALLOW POINTE, and their indie cult hit Devoured. Thomas was seen by millions on a episode of SyFy's "Monster Man" featuring the special effects team behind the creature building for the trailer for "Hallow Pointe". 
With several projects in pre-production and partnerships with iconic actors, authors, filmmakers and major labels, Thomas has decided to bring his knowledge to radio simply titled: Church's Hollywood Moment's on every Tuesday night 8pm EST / 5pm PST. A show that is dedicated to an insight into the world of Independent and Hollywood movie magic. Church along with his co-host Dr. Drew Albright will entertain, interview guests, take calls and preach the word of Hollywood. Churchill also plays co-host to another AllradioX show - Midnight Meat Locker a horror review show along with co-hosts Zack Daggy & Allen Sale these butchers debate on all things horror. Every Sunday night at 10pm EST / 7pm PST on You can expect the shows to be edgy, groundbreaking and fun.