Roy Nelson

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show Mother Love Talk with Author Roy Nelson TALK TO ADDICITION EXPERT ON THE SUICIDE /PASSING OF ROBIN WILLIAMS and much more.

Roy Nelson, creator of The Nelson Healing Method joins Mother Love in studio to share is vast knowledge of healing addictions and depression for good through his 35 years of proven success

About Roy

Mental torment and pain led Roy Nelson to pursue a life of distraction by any means possible. It wasn’t until Roy conceded that his self-imposed hell was killing him, that he had a profound experience that changed everything.  It enabled him to climb back from the depths of hell and seek a different path—a path of light and love.

Over thirty-five years ago Roy “cracked the code” of his own addictive personality. As a result, he lost 120 pounds and overcome a myriad of addictions, as well as depression, panic attacks, and phobias. Based on his personal experience of total freedom, Roy developed The Nelson Method—a plan of spiritual mentor ship that is designed to help people overcome their own personal hell, even when all other approaches have failed.

Roy is known as “the last resort” for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits. His depth of spirituality and love is so extraordinary that clients commonly report that they experience complete freedom almost immediately. Because Roy understands what it’s like to live with emotional pain and addictions, he has tremendous insight and empathy for those in turmoil.

 This extraordinary journey has made him one of the world’s leading experts on breaking free from the kind of “soul-sickness” that often manifests as a myriad of addictions and obsessions.  Through his loving mentor ship, Roy personally guides clients through The Nelson Method, providing them the opportunity for deep spiritual transformation, and a life of freedom.

In Love Notes from Hell, Roy shares his refreshingly honest and unique perspective about the addictive personality and what actually causes a person to self-destruct with addictions. Using examples from his own experience as well as those of his private clients Roy helps you understand why so many treatment options are failing and how spiritual truths such as those contained in the Nelson Method™ can produce extra ordinary transformation and freedom from your own personal hell.