Rianne Anderson & Lynn Sarkany

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Entrepreneur "Rianne Anderson" about her new Peggine's Eggrolls. With sports flavors like Philly Cheese Steak & Apple Pie. & so much more.

Lynn Sarkany, Founder /CEO of Entrepreneurs Professionals and Rianne Anderson, CEO of Peggine's Gourmet Egg Rolls, join Mother Love in studio to share Rianne's dream of continuing her Mother, Peggy's vision of her delectable eggs rolls, in 37 gourmet flavors and 15 delicious sauces. This 24 year old entrepreneur is showing her commitment and savvy to grow her brand and what keeps her fearless.
About Lynn
Lynn Sarkany, Founder of Entrepreneurs Professionals, also founded MarketFinders®, a marketing consulting firm, based in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1996. MarketFinders® is a full-service marketing consulting firm that works with small to medium-sized businesses to help them to put a system into place to grow their business, and survive and thrive in the current economic environment. 

Lynn Sarkany, Co Executive Director for VETBOSS joins Mother Love in studio to follow up with the veterans initiatives with Mayor Garcetti's 10,000 Vets Strong Workers, her work with Vets in San Diego and more.