Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Actress "Poprah" about her work on VH-1 show "I Want To Work For Diddy" & Host the Celebrity Shopping Channel & so much more.

POPRAH, Television personality, actress, recording artist, writer and producer joins Mother Love in studio to share her vibrant passion to be a difference in the industry.
"Poprah", a name created to define a young woman who encompasses the vision, integrity, and passion of media icon, "Oprah Winfrey" and the creativity, drive and fortitude of Sean "Puffy" Combs. She created this name, to reflect her focus on building a multimedia conglomerate, which integrates the best of her many skills sets, talents and creative endeavors, as well as those of her mentors.
As an experienced television personality, actress, recording artist, writer and producer, she has had many successes that have spanned the entertainment industry both locally, and internationally. As one of faces on Vh1's Reality Show, "I Want To Work For Diddy", Poprah is well on her way to rivaling some of the best in business. She acts, hosts, sings, raps, writes, produces, and has her own clothing line for plus-size women, called "Fatabulous". "Yes, some of us are fat, but that doesn't mean we can't be fabulous. I'm living proof", she says. "That's why the line is called "Fatabulous". 
She admitted that she intentionally allowed herself to gain excessive weight after being disillusioned by the sexism of the entertainment industry. "I really wanted to be taken seriously and respected for my talent alone, like Oprah, Queen Latifah, and other women who I respected in the industry. It seems as long as I could fit into a size 5 to 7 jeans, the men of the industry always had some ulterior motive, never just business, and no matter what I wore or where I'd meet them, or how much I pleaded with them to just stick to business, they wouldn't listen. So I was forced to walk away, and sacrifice whatever opportunity they may have offered, because I refused to sleep my way to the top. "This journey has been long and arduous", she says but, I'm closer to dream than ever".
Poprah, is now the CEO of her own TV, Music and Film Production Company, Hollywood South Productions, LLC. "Hollywood South," is a respected and growing multimedia conglomerate, and the fruit of years of hard labor. First there was Puffy and there was Oprah. Now l.