Pina Di Cola

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Celebrity Photographer "Pina Di Cola" about her new book "YOU ARE PHOTOGENIC" she talks about this & so much more.

Pina Di Cola, world renowned celebrity photographer joins Mother Love to share her theory on photo-image. Her new book, "Your Are Photogenic, Discover Your True Self with Photo-Image in the Age of the Selfie" rips the lid off of what is your True image not just what we see in the mirror as that image is distorted.
About Pina
Pina Di Cola's career as an internationally-recognized photographer in the entertainment industry has spanned 30 years; she has an archive of over 50,000 photos. Her professional career began while working on the set of Amarcord. Di Cola developed a friendship with maestro Fellini, became a recognized photographer in the Italian film industry, working on over 35 Italian films and closely with directors Pasquale Festa Campanile, Vincent Minnelli, Brian De Palma, Franco Zeffirelli, Gianfranco De Bosio, Martin Ritts, Massimo Troisi, George Kennedy, Maximilian Schell among others. She also operated a studio in Rome where she specialized in celebrity photography and was a highly-sought-after European photographer. Her work was also featured in major European magazines such as Oggi, CHI, Gente, Diva, Hola, Hello, Paris Match and many more. Di Cola then moved to Los Angeles, California, thus broadening her access to celebrity clientele. Her intellectual curiosity and the nature of her work prompted her to explore the range of human facial expressions and just how individuals perceive themselves. Throughout her career as a photographer, Di Cola established relationships with important personalities through a unique warmth and sensitivity that elicited clients' personal and genuine beauty. Her portraits reflect the care, consideration, and personalization that have ensured her success as a photographer. On the relationship between photographer and client, Pina believes that "the way someone presents him or herself to the camera, and the photographer's response to that presence, is what it's all about." Her approach to shooting portraits is to present her clients as they really are, as human beings with no gimmicks or tricks—only capturing what makes them special: their true selves. The concept of Photo-Image is true to this approach of capturing the individual's inner essence in a photograph. Studying the psychology and neurology of self-image, she discovered that our human minds cannot process our own image because, physically, we must rely on the inaccuracy of the mirror's reflection or the interpretation of others. This resulted in the concept of Photo-Image... a tool through which to gain a visual image of who we are. Di Cola has independently studied the range of human emotions and facial expressions, the human brain and subconscious mind, and such concepts as self-esteem and self-concepts. Through attending numerous seminars and lectures, and conducting many herself, she has explored the realms of beauty and perception. Through a variety of sources, from philosophical and psychological theories to neurological interpretations, Ms. Di Cola has expanded upon her concept of Photo-Image via a broad-range of mediums and topics to address and reflect the unifying theme of seeing yourself to know yourself