Peggy Freeman

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "Peggy Freeman" Author of 10 Tips For Power Thinking & Write Now Publishing Company about this & much more.

Peggy Freeman, Author of "10 Tips for Power Thinking": Maximize Your Health and Happiness for an Empowered Life" and business owner of Write Now Publishing joins Mother Love in studio to share her power tips and her passion for writers.
About Peggy
Peggy Freeman is the Founder and CEO of Write Now Publishing Co., a professional writing firm. She is also an Author and Motivational Speaker. Her new book; "10 Tips for Power Thinking: Maximize Your Health and Happiness for an Empowered Life" will be released in April 2014. "10 Tips for Power Thinking" is an easy guide for improving your success through the power of your thoughts and words. She is also the author of, "The Image of Woman from a Christian-Hebrew Perspective" (booklet and DVD).
Write Now Publishing Company is a professional writing firm established to help individuals and businesses with their writing projects. They create attractive and compelling content for websites, brochures, advertisements, resumes, etc. Businesses request services to take their media content to the next level. Some of their past and present clients include, Parson's Brinckerhoff and Swinerton (commercial construction company leaders), Creative Teachers, West Angel Inc., Mosaic of Women Health Group, General Electric Mortgage, and others.
As an Author, she has written, 10 Tips for Power Thinking and the Image of Woman from a Christian Hebrew Perspective. 10 Tips for Power Thinking is a daily guide to enhance your thoughts, words and actions.