Nick Yarris

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Author "Nick Yarris" about "Seven Days to Live" & much more.

Nick Yarris, 1st time author of "7 Days to Live" recounts his life as a drug addict, thief and family disappointment who was convicted of a brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of a young woman he'd never met. He was sentenced to death, escaped, turned himself in and spent 21 years on Death Row before being exonerated, set free and changing into the man he is now with NO bitterness. 

 About Nick

One horrible incident done to a seven-year-old boy sets into motion a series of bad decisions. The first bad decision? Not reporting the assault to the police. In order to cope with the emotions that no child should ever have to deal with, Nick discovered drugs and alcohol. Looking at life in prison on trumped-up charges, he becomes an easy patsy to pin murder charges. He is forced to endure abuse, degradation, loss and despair in order to make it out alive, he did manage to escape once, becoming the subject of a man-hunt on the FBI's Most Wanted List.