Lynn Sarkany

Lynn Sarkany, CEO Founder of Entrepreneurs Professionals, calls in from San Diego, CA where she is teaching a program, (the 1st of its kind in the country) to retrain incarcerated veterans and work to lower the recidivism.
About Lynn
also founded MarketFinders®, a marketing consulting firm, based in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1996. MarketFinders® is a full-service marketing consulting firm that works with small to medium-sized businesses to help them to put a system into place to grow their business, and survive and thrive in the current economic environment. 
It is Lynn’s hope to create a networking environment where business owners and Decision-Makers get to know and trust one another, both professionally and personally.  It is also Lynn’s hope as a professor of Marketing and Public Relations to create an active learning environment that will be a lasting resource for our members to enable them to develop, grow, create new business, and to create solid, lasting business relationships and friendships.