K Rahn

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Educator, Author, Consultant "K-Rahn Vallatine" about his book "Live Above The Hype Hip Hop Life Skills Curriculum" & so much more.

K- Rahn, Author, Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate and Game Changer (our title) brings his passion to reach teach and share with our young men how to be just that a Man. His "LIVE ABOVE THE HYPE" interactive workbooks one for youth and one for Teachers/Parents/Administrators to communicate and understand this "Crack Culture" and the complex issues they face on a daily basis. These potent guidelines for moving above the HYPE of the culture, to see what the real numbers are( i.e. only 60 players a year are drafted into The NBA).
His heartfelt poise and transparency to show he is not afraid to dream big, grow and always be ready to share what he knows will help get them on the track to a viable productive life. 
About K-Rahn 
Once a wayward youth himself, motivational speaker and author K-Rahn Vallatine works to assist at risk youth in making healthy pro social decisions. He also serves diligently to educate youth service professionals on youth culture and how to effectively engage this population.
Throughout the years, K-Rahn has served as a school teacher, has sat on the Board of Directors of a charter school, has years of experience working in Los Angeles' juvenile halls and juvenile detention camps, and has made waves as an underground Hip Hop artist. He is the author of the Live Above The Hype Hip Hop Life Skills Curriculum, an intervention character development curriculum that uses Hip Hop culture to stimulate in depth self reflection and positive value shifts in gang and drug impacted young men. It features a dynamic foreword by author, professor and MSNBC political analyst Dr. Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University, who states, "K-Rahn's not only been there and done that, but he's lived to tell a compelling story of overcoming youthful mistakes and has returned with a roadmap to successful survival. And he does it without rancor, finger pointing or a sense of moral superiority."K-Rahn has been a presenter at various state, national and international conferences, such as the L.A. Gang Violence Prevention & Intervention Conference, the Neighborhood USA (NUSA) Conference, the Black American Political Association of California Annual Conference and the NAACP California State Conference. He has stood as the keynote speaker for youth empowerment events and webinars, and has served as a consultant for solution oriented projects such as a LAPD police training that provides scientific and evidence-based information and practical strategies that meet the needs of officers working with inner city youth. K-Rahn has been called "a brilliant analyst of cultural issues that affect teen perceptions of themselves and their sense of power." He merges his entertainment talents and resources with his background in education and juvenile justice. His media company Inner Sun Inc recognizes that each person has a shining Light within them, though life struggles and societal conditions can sometimes cloud up our Sun rays, making it hard to recognize that inner glow.