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Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with MSW "Jurline Redeaux" about Alcoholism Center for Women & The Children's Clinic Behavioral Health Department & much more.

Jurline K. Redeaux, MSW, Executive Director of New Impression joins Mother Love in studio to share her love of her community and people and her passion to help heal them.

 About Jurline 

My mother suffered from Diabetes and raising awareness in the African American is my life long passion. Not only for Diabetes but for all the chronic illnesses that plagued our community to include, depression, strokes, mental health issues, and alcohol and addiction.  My life has been impacted by all of these, however due to my insight and awareness has managed to prevent all placing my faith in God at the head.  I will attach an article written and published in Cal State Dominguez Hills Newsletter.  My life is truly a testimony and I have proud to give back to my Community.  I will also direct you to my web page www.newimpression.org as well.  

 We are doing the tremendous work  at the Alcoholism Center for Women. They are celebrating their 40 Year Anniversary on 10/18/14 from 2 - 5 PM at  1147 South Alvarado Street Los Angeles, CA 90006

  We have secured Comedian Annie McKnight to host our event.  She is an amazing woman.  God has blessed me with many talents. 

 How my life is connected to this event, is a very personal one.  Simply stated I grew up with Alcoholism.  My brother Leroy Johnson, my favorite Aunt Martha, they were the fun and the life of the party.  Later in life, I learned the toil that the alcohol had taken on the quality of their life.  My brother was in and out of prison most of his life. Alcohol related.  My Auntie, never kept a healthy relationship with anyone, abused her grandchildren and died alone. All related to alcohol.  The mental health challenges associated with being an alcoholic is heart breaking to say the least. It impacts the entire family.  I truly believe worrying about them is the main reason my mother's health suffered such a decline, leading to her becoming a diabetic among other chronic diseases.

  In 2002, my brother lost his battle with Alcoholism as years of drinking cheap liquor, destroyed his stomach.  His death impacted me in a profound way as he and I was extremely close. .

  In spite of their weakness, they both had the biggest heart and love for our family.  They just didn't know how to love themselves.  So I dedicate my life to giving back.  I only wish that my Aunt and Brother had found an agency like the Alcoholism Center for Women, a residential program that would have given them the opportunity to transform their lives.  

 By serving on the board, along with my daughter who is also a Social Worker, it is my way to honor their memories, and to pay it forward.  It is also a way to honor my Mother who loved them both, her son and her auntie, as she too lost her battle with Diabetes.  

 Wherever I go, and whenever I speak to the African American Community or any Community for that matter, I take a piece of them with me.  It's my way of saying, your passing and your life was not in vain.  


  Jurline K. Redeaux,MSW

New Impression

Executive Director

2211 Fashion Avenue

Long Beach, Ca 90810


About ACW

 The Alcoholism Center for Women (ACW) is incorporated as a 501(c) 3 organization with the mission to provide a safe and supportive sober environment in which women and youth can repair, restore and reclaim their lives, protect children and strengthen families and communities by making new choices for positive futures.

Established in 1974 to address the special needs of women affected by alcohol and other drug abuse, ACW is now licensed and certified by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Program to provide a variety of residential and outpatient rehabilitation programs for women and youth supported by Medi-Cal, General Relief (GR), the Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

Alcoholism Center for Women - Treatment & Prevention of Alcohol & Other Drugs