Julia Parker

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "Julia Parker" is a flight attendant-turned-model-turned actress & films this & so much more.

Julia Parker Actress joins Mother Love i studio to share her return to her love of acting. 
About Julia
Julia is a flight attendant-turned-model-turned actress known for a number of science fiction films like "Alien Armageddon," "A Girl, A Guy and a Space Helmet," and now the upcoming film "S2K." She's really a very good-natured actress who loves comedy, but she always seems to get roles in films about science fiction and weird aliens. But she is also known for her role in the film "Flight 93: The Flight that Fought Back," which was about one of the hijacked planes that crashed in a Pennsylvania field when the passengers attacked the hijackers.
She is set to star in the science fiction film "S2K" about a woman who searches for pleasure after her unrelenting lifelong depression destroys her marriage. Julia has also appeared in the TV shows "Go On" with Matthew Perry of "Friends," as well as "Episodes," starring Matt LeBlanc, also a cast member of "Friends." She also appeared in "90210" and the upcoming film "The Ten: Take."