Judy Karman

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Actress, Producer "Judy Karman" about her work with "Dream Cinema Productions" & much more.

Judy Karman, Actress/ Producer with Dream Cinema Productions joins Mother Love in studio to share her fiery passion for the business of Show Business
About Judy
If an actor's strength lies in his or her life's experiences, then Judy Karman is as strong as Hercules. Judy and her fraternal twin, Ruthie, were born late in their parents' lives. Her dad had spent time in Vaudeville, worked with many of the greatest names in the business, although as far as he was concerned, they were just everyday people. He passed this same humility on to his daughter Judy. Judy grew up, passionately took up tap dance classes, participated in Community Theater, and loved the summer evenings spent with her family in Balboa Park, attending the Starlight Musicals. Later in life she also spent time as the only female and non-Sicilian on the Board of Directors of a Sicilian Culture Association in San Diego. She attended workshops and training sessions in San Diego and Hollywood, including 40 hours of intense training with accomplished director Tom Logan.
During the years Judy never lost her passion while working in Corporate America management and training. It only fueled it more. In 2011 after acting in the first short film "The Vision and a first full length independent feature "The Test", Judy decided to follow the path of her passion. She moved to Los Angeles and with a couple TV appearances and film projects later, including on the Marie Osmond Show on the Hallmark Channel, which lead to the show's producer asking her to make a second appearance, Judy was on her way. Later it was time to bring her business skills into the mix, and started "Lady J Entertainment" During this time she have been able to help others with projects, as well as recently the Producer for a video for The World Networks. Judy went on to create her own social media to encompass an extensive worldwide International following and connections which has been instrumental for business. To share her experiences and her journey Judy provided time to APS Entertainment to conduct seminars to actors/producers on networking/ relationship building and "How to own your own red carpet". Judy is much honored to be a member of two highly professional (recommended) Networking Organizations; The World Networks Inc. and most recently, American- Chinese CEO Society (ACCS). Now in 2014, she is very honored and excited about collaborating and joining the core team of CEO/Filmmaker Rayster Michaels (Dream Cinema Productions) as a producer/actor.