Elijah King Esq.

Hi Cyber Babies on today's "Mother Love" talks with "Elijah King, Esq." about his work to raise awareness of in America. He giving public speeches at schools & churches. "Unilever Project Sunlinght "

Elijah King, Esq and his Mother Ra'Chel join Mother Love in studio to share his great news on becoming on of Unilever's New World Youth Leader in his quest to end hunger.

About Elijah King, Esq

 My name is Elijah King Esq. and I am an actor, model, writer, director, and talk-show host. On this site you will have insight into my life as a child entrepreneur. I am 14 years old and strive to continue to walk through every door God opens for me. I hope you will learn how much it means to me to be in this business; To be an example to other kids who have dreams just like me. 

At the age of five, while living in Atlanta, GA, Elijah wanted to help address the issue of hunger in the community. He joined the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and collected donations from people to help feed the homeless. Today, Elijah attends the City of Refuge Church and continues to help the homeless. He often can be found speaking to youth about following their dreams and making a difference in their community.

About Unilever Project Sunlight

Unilever Project Sunlight is helping Elijah King spread his message for a brighter future. It is Elijah’s hope that there will be a future where no child goes to bed hungry.

There are 16 million children in America who are hungry. In the US, there is a skewed view of child hunger based on images of starving children from around the world. The truth is this could be anyone: a friend, a neighbor, a classmate. Now, he’s helping us spread the word about hunger in America, and giving everyone a reason to Share A Meal. “Our moral foundation is at stake when we dispose of good food that could have helped another.  How can we hold our heads high when we throw 70 billion pounds of food away a year while 16 million children in America have to go hungry for days, weeks, or even months? ”  In the US, one in five of Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Elijah is working hard to raise awareness of hunger in America and is doing so by sharing his visions for a brighter future by giving public speeches at schools and churches. Elijah has a dream for a bright future “Not only will every little boy and little girl in America have the food to survive, but no matter what their place in this world, we give them the respect and dignity to thrive in the face of difficulty.”

Let’s make this dream a reality. Help Elijah and us in seeing that no child should face hunger by visiting our Share A Meal page.