Dr. Vincent Moore, Diane Smith & Arthur Yarborough

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "Dr Vincent Moore" Ms Diane Smith" "Min Arthur Yarbrough" about A Community Health & Wellness Day Event & much more.

Pastor Vincent Moore, Diane Smith & Sir Arthur Yarborough of Messiah Full Gospel Fellowship Church join Mother Love in studio to chat about their 1st Annual Community Health Fair. They speak about the Women of Grace ministry as well as the health disparities that still are rampant in the area.
About Them:
Dr. Moore/Pastor is a man of integrity and humility. He is known as a visionary, astute scholar, educator, spirit-filled orator, leadership mentor, pastor, and devoted father to his young daughter, Channing Moore. Dr. Moore comes from a long lineage of educators, evangelists, and activists. His strong humanitarian roots have inspired him to blaze a trail of freedom and victory from coast to coast. 
Dr. Moore has attended Hampton University, Virginia State University, and Shekinah Bible College. He presently holds a doctorate in theology.
Ordained in 1990, Dr. Moore is the senior pastor of Messiah Full Gospel Bible Fellowship, a multiracial, non-denominational church located in the heart of south central Los Angeles. He is a pastor with a God-given mission to cultivate and empower leaders and world changers. He is Founder and Chief Executive Overseer of Without Walls Ministries, and President and CEO of Messiah Nutritional Assistance and Human Development Foundation.
With multi-faceted attributes that distinguish him as a profound preacher and teacher, it's Pastor Moore's own thirst for knowledge that gives him the ability to impart non-traditional cutting-edge teachings focusing on developing the mind to form positive personal change. 
Because of his life experience, Dr. Moore is able to communicate to culturally mixed and economically diverse groups of people. 
Diane Smith/ Women of Grace Director
So honored and privileged to walk through God's Word 
with all of my precious sisters on the subject of being a woman and sharing from my own experience! If you are married, single, or engaged, I'd like to encourage all of our beautiful ladies to join in with us! 
In this group we are digging in and finding out what God says about being a woman! Maybe you've never even been taught what God's goals are for marriage, or maybe your desiring to help mentor our precious single sisters! 
Sir Arthur/ Men Of Vision 
The men of Messiah meet every fourth Saturday in the afternoon at 1:00 P.M. 
It's important for us as men to stay connected - truly no man is an island and we can't navigate life alone! 
There is strength and safety in numbers, and together we are finding God's purpose for our lives. 
Our men's group is filled with members excited about lifting you up and supporting you!. 
Come and find out what God is doing as we progress in our personal and spiritual lives, and learn how to become the man you were created to be – God's Man. www.messiahfullgospel.com/index.html