Dr. Richard Swart

Dr. Richard Swart, PhD, calls in from UC Berkeley to school us on the emerging growth of crowdfunding especially with major corporations
About Dr. Swart
He's an expert on crowdfunding and is director of research at UC Berkeley's Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurial and Social Finance.
With so many filmmakers turning to crowfunding to fund their films and projects, Richard is quickly becoming the go-to guy when it comes to crowdfunding. He not only consults with filmmakers, but also with business owners and corporate executives who are turning to crowdfunding to help launch new products, expand their business or simply gain new clients.
Richard is today launching an executive program on crowdfunding at UC Berkeley next year, marking the first time a major university is hosting a program for corporate executives that focuses on crowdfunding. He'd love to chat how crowdfunding has impacted Hollywood and corporate America.Richard Swart, head of the upcoming UC Berkeley School of Engineering's Executive Program in "The Crowd Empowered Organization" set for early next year.