Dr. Jeanette Raymond

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "Dr Jeanette Raymond" Author of "Now You Want Me, Now You Don't" about her book & much more.

Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Family Relationship Therapist and author of "Now You Want Me, Now You Don't" Ten ways to recognize it and ten ways to manage it in your relationship," joins Mother Love in studio and sets things straight about the real fears many people have about real intimacy and not just romance.
About Dr. Jeanette
I write on anger management, stress, anxiety, depression, weight problems, finding a partner, dealing with unavailable partners, impotency, trying to be perfect, self-sabotage, marriage problems, relationship stress, Check out the blog posts on this site, and on my relationship blog.
You can also access my YouTube Videos on relationship problems, stress, anxiety, anger management, panic, motivation and intimacy.
Special Features: I use art therapy to give my clients a way of expressing their pain, their struggles and their hopes in a language that is powerful and louder than words.
Together with the emphasis on dream work, clients are given a variety of tools to learn more about themselves and by so doing, take charge of the way they want their lives to be.