David C. Keeton

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "David Keeton" is the owner of D. C. KEETON HOME IMPROVEMENTS "How To Remodel Your Home Losing Your Mind Or Your Money is & so much more.

David C. Keeton, CEO of D.C. Keeton Home Improvements, joins Mother Love in studio to talk to us about the do's and don'ts of being a great contractor, tips on the importance of working together with the homeowner and how "He is the contractor YOU will LOVE after the job is finished".
About David
Ask anyone who has remodeled and they will tell you that the stress, the chaos, the feelings of anger, despair and frustration are all overwhelming at times. If you are about to undertake a remodeling project, stop and think about how it will affect your daily life.
The fact is, our industry is plagued with poor customer experiences. Most contractors either do not know or do not care how to properly deliver a quality construction project. They get business by offering an enticing cheaper price. Ultimately they use cheap labor and/or cheap materials. They show up late (if at all) and leave a mess or a poorly installed job. D.C. Keeton is the exact opposite of the contractor disaster stories you have heard.
When it comes to opening up your home, your most precious investment, to workers whom you know very little about, it is important that you feel a sense of trustworthiness. You need a team of licensed and bonded professionals, each an expert in their individual areas, to provide you with that security. You need to rest assured that the job will be done with proficiency and integrity in an expeditious manner.
D.C. Keeton Home Improvements is one of the most established and reliable remodeling companies in the greater Los Angeles area. Our objective is to consistently provide the highest quality products, reasonable pricing and exceptional customer service. Together, we can create a partnership to turn your vision into a creative and beautiful reality. We offer free consultations and estimates to find out if we are a match for one another.
Please email, or leave a voice message and your call will be returned promptly. I look forward to establishing a relationship for your current, and your future remodeling projects.