Corbin W. Ingram

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Entrepreneur "Corbin W. Ingram" about his work on SBIR Program this and so much more,

Corbin Ingram, Consultant/Owner of The Centre for Grants, Contracts and Business Artifacts and Innovative Engineer joins Mother Love in studio to share his revolutionary innovative idea of turning hair into insulation, how it will create sustainable jobs and the three stages he must go through with the Small Business Innovative Research, (SBIR) program to bring it to market.
About Corbin
I have over 29 years of experience (14 years as a consultant) in systems and software life cycle design, and verification and validation of embedded microprocessor software, operating systems, and networks, and 7 years of experience in environmental systems; water treatment and gas analysis. I provided technical training, process guidance and audits of system architecting and engineering techniques and methodologies for aerospace, avionics, military, medical, financial, educational and environmental concerns. Of those years, 6 were in management and 3 were in teaching.
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