Cat Michaels & Thaine Allison Jr

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Actor "Thaine H. Allson" Directed "Cat Michaels" about her play "THE SHADOW BOX" this & so much more.

Thaine Allison, Jr & Cat Michaels Actors with Vagabound Players Theater Group join Mother Love in studio to tout their latest production of "Shadow Box" a Pulizer Prize/Tony Award winning piece by Michael Christofer.
The play runs 10/10/ - 11/01/2014 @ 5233 Lankershim Blvd. N. Hollywood 91601
About Thaine
Thaine grew up in the San Fernando Valley on a small farm and surrounded by people from the "business". He delivered papers to celebrities, went to class with their children and his dad built sets for the film studios. Surrounded by animals on the farm he learned responsibility at a young age. He bought his first horse at 10 with the proceeds from his paper route. Acting in plays through summer programs and school activities gave him a taste of the theater.
His middle school years were spent in the high desert where he learned even greater skills as a farmer and animal trainer. He finished high school and college in Chico and headed for Borneo as a Peace Corps Volunteer after graduation to share those agricultural skills with local farmers in a changing world.
"I am a vigorous 55-75 year old character actor. Far from frail but not an athlete, I am strong willed, smart, stubborn and undaunted by those who would intimidate me. I bring a tremendous amount of life experience to my roles, I am well trained and a hard worker. I have language skills in several languages and some understanding of the human condition. I value the opportunity to be a story teller in this latest phase of my life. I am excited to be on a new journey. The world is a mess, I think it is important for artists to speak out and re-trim the sails of human destiny."
About Cat
Cat's theatrical resume is quite extensive as both an actor and a director. A few of her favorite stage credits include "Nuts" and "Bedtime Stories" at Manhatten South Theatre, and locally "Don't Dress for Dinner", "That Other Woman", "Pray Pray Pray", "The Devil on This Earth", "A Slice of Blarney", "6", "Night Hawks:", "Country Girl" and "Reunion" for which she was nominated for an ADA award for Best Actress. Some directorial credit's include David Mamet's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago", Arthur Lawrents' "Home of the Brave", and original works such as "Bar Struck", "Bedtime Stories" and "The Three Great Loves of Christoper J. Tomaski". She is a long term member of The Vagabonds and is currently the Artistic Director for the Company.
About The Vagabond Players
The Vagabond Players, established in 2002, is a self-producing company of actors, directors, writers, and composers committed to the professional production of quality published and original theater works of passion, depth, and humor that offer up the various colors of the human experience in which we and our audiences all share.