Aleisha Gore

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Writer, Director about. her work on romantic comedy & fundraising on Kickstarter & so much more.

Aleisha Gore, Actress/ Writer/Director joins Mother Love in studio to chat about her latest project, a romantic comedy "Chocolate Is NOT BETTER than SEX".
Quick Movie Blurb: Hot single moms, blind dates from hell, disastrous office romances, blinding sex & women's love affair with chocolate. 
Hot fun-loving single mom, Monica Robinson, dares to plunge back into the dating game, she turns to her friends, Ally, the pickup artist, Dori, the insecure, overzealous professional match-maker, Jeanie, the petite Puerto Rican 5th wheel with a penchant for bad boys, Hedda, the alcohol-cure-all-weilding lush, and her own pushy, overbearing mother Tabitha, a former beauty queen, Mrs. America, and Texan socialite for advice. Sexually frustrated, Monica kisses more toads and devours more chocolate as she ventures through the perils of horrible blind dates and a disastrous whirlwind office romance. She and her crazy BFFs divulge their innermost and hilarious secrets while high on chocolate cake and find out the perfect orgasm may not mean they found the perfect man.
I'm fundraising on Is NOT BETTER than SEX and have only 10 days left to pull off a miracle. 
About Aleisha
I was born in Arlington, Massachusetts but don't know anything about it because I went straight to LA as a baby. I grew up in a family with five brothers and one sister. At age 7 I began writing poetry and short stories. In junior high school, I worked for the school paper and added acting and directing to the mix. 
My love of writing goes hand-in-hand with my love of people, languages and cultures. In high school, I studied German and Spanish. At fifteen I got a scholarship for a summer exchange program and went to Germany then went again for a full year. I've traveled many countries in Europe and India.
At 19, I fell in love and married someone I met at church then had a preemie baby.
I joined a theater and wrote several one-act plays. It was at a film festival though that I realized I'd found my calling. I turned one of the novels I started into a screenplay.
I filmed three shorts, derived from my plays and acted in an award winning short. I also became crew for several productions from the filmmakers around me. Personally, I started going through some marriage problems and ended up divorcing my husband and moving to LA.
I've been assisting in other films and TV/web as cast and crew and also shot two PSAs for Help for Orphans, Int.
I am exceedingly happy as I got married in 2009 to an amazing and wonderful man, Byron Gore. You can check out his music at We married on June 7, 2009 in a lovely ceremony at our home surrounded by many friends and family, even from the UK! It was wonderful.
Altogether I've written and directed over 50 shorts since I produced and acted in an internet sketch comedy show called Saturday Night YouTube! We've shot and aired 47 episodes.
I'm currently working on and wrote a romantic comedy about a woman coming back into the dating scene after divorce, called Chocolate is Not Better than Sex, which I am now producing and will direct in December. See the teaser trailer