Abdul Malik Abbott & Chopmaster J

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with Photographer & Filmmaker "Abdul Malik Abbott" about his work 100's of commercials, movie & TV projects & so much more.

Hi Cyber Babies on today's show "Mother Love" talks with "Jimi C. Dright Jr." Best known as "Chopmaster J" is a rap, jazz, & hip-hop music artist, drummer, & produce founded group Digital Underground.

Abdul Malik Abbott, Independent Video/Film/Documentary Maker and Jimi C. Dright, Jr. aka "Chopmaster J", Co Founder of the Hip Hop Band, "Digital Underground," join Mother Love in studio to chat about the group's 25th Anniversary and the making of their Documentary, "D.U. Days: Adventures in Digital Underground the Apprenticeship of Tupac Shakur," 
About Abdul
An Artist from birth and raised in Harlem, NY, Abdul Malik Abbott a former member of the Boys Choir of Harlem, attended the acclaimed High School of Music & Art as a painter and illustrator and grew up in the world of hip-hop. Wanting to follow in his father's footsteps as a photographer and filmmaker, Abdul received his (film) Bachelor's degree at the School of Visual Arts. He got his start in the biz working in the sound dept. on Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" & "Mo' Better Blues", as well as "Def by Temptation", "New Jack City" and 100's of commercials, movie & TV projects.
Abdul directed the hip-hop infused gangster drama entitled "State Property" (Lionsgate), starring Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z. Soon after a brief theatrical release, the modestly budgeted movie was released on home video and DVD and rose to be the 10th top selling video in the U.S. on Videoscan & Billboard and has grossed over 12 million to date. Currently Mr. Abbott is in post-production on a documentary chronicling the rise and fall of the hip-hop mega-group Digital Underground as well as developing several feature films and TV shows. Abdul also works as a videographer for such networks as BET, TV One, E! and Centric, shooting entertainment news programs and docs. He also serves as co-chair of the DGA's African American steering committee and for over 8 years has been instrumental in organizing informative industry panels and major events honoring fellow DGA members.
About "Chopmaster J"
Jimi C. Dright, Jr., best known as Chopmaster J, is a rap, jazz, and hip hop music artist, drummer, and producer who co-founded the group Digital Underground.[1] He also possesses the earliest known recordings of rap artist Tupac Shakur.
Recognized as one of the first hip hop bands, Digital Underground included Chopmaster J, Shock G, Money B, DJ Fuze and the then 18-year-old Tupac Amaru Shakur. The group's meteoric rise to fame in the early '90?s was accentuated with chart topping hits like "Doowutchyalike," "Freaks of the Industry," "Same Song" and "Kiss You Back." The band made waves with their colorful and costumed attire, animated stage antics and innovative dance styling and moves. Digital Underground is best remembered for turning hip hop on its proverbial head and invading the realm of pop with their 1990 pivotal Grammy nominated release "The Humpty Dance." "The Humpty Dance" climbed all the way to #11 on the pop charts, #7 on the R&B charts, and #1 on the Billboard Rap Singles chart. 
The group's contribution to history has tentacles that reach even further though. From their 12 inch drop, "Doowutchyalike" to their debut album "Sex Packets," D.U.'s music unfastened a door in hip hop that was previously non-existent, mixing mad merriment, mayhem and sex with rhyme, rhythm and rap. Factor in the detail that rap music's biggest legend, Tupuc Shakur, started his music career with the group as their roadie, dancer and emcee and the D.U. legacy is all but cemented in the annals of pop music history. 

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